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To be a leading global investment business portal for Thai Startups/SMEs

Sinwattana set eyes on honest and talented Thai SMEs. Driving Thai SMEs to take responsibilities and offer returns to investors. We empower financial with alternative finance - crowdinvesting opens unlimited opportunities for all people.

Our efforts focus on growing companies and supporting local economies

Creating and generating growth towards a sustainable future with crowdinvesting, together with our investors' community. Aligning with BCG, SDGs and ESG, we are mindful and practice on what we advocate.

We will grow up towards the success and support the clients to drive positive impacts that make significant difference.

The power of the crowd pushes the limit and generates the endless possibilities

We are industry agnostic crowdfunding. We focus on driving long term sustainable business practices by balancing our focus among our people towards success. To lead a good returns, cohesive communities and economic growth that works for everyone!

Sinwattana Timeline

To revolutionize the business economy by evolving the sources of funding, organised around the belief that “Funding Together!”, empowering the next generation of businesses and investors.


Sinwattana is founded


Sinwattana launches a donation and reward crowdfunding platform


Investment promotion from the board of investment foreign business license the integration of equity crowdfunding regulated funding portal by SEC Thailand


Sinwattana established the first flagship forum called ‘Investors Exchange Forum’ for empowering crowdfunding in Thailand


Sinwattana Launched a brand new identitiy and acquried our name

Funding together demands TRUST
Funding together expects EXCELLENCE

Why Us

Creativity and Innovation

Our work is based on creativity and innovation with dignity of each person.


Operating responsibly, with integrity and transparency as a key value.

Long-term Partnership

The strong alliance that will bring long-term prosperity to all

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Investing on Sinwattana Crowdfunding platform has its own risks. Offering deals in Crowdfunding have low liquidity since there are limited channels to sell the shares. Investors should invest wisely and learn about investing in Crowdfunding thoroughly in order to distribute and decrease risks of loss on investments.

To be a leading global investment business portal for Thai Startups/SMEs. Our goal is to revolutionize the business economy by providing alternative sources of funding, organized around the belief that “Funding Together!”, empowering genuine businesses and investors, who strive CHANGE to generate IMPACT for a SUSTAINABLE FUTURE.

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