We are a “change agent, an alternative financing channel and consultancy that offers excellent ideas a chance to bloom and congruently, a dependable way for investors to appreciate their assets in Thailand’s market.

Crowdfunding can be a good source of investment and a significant channel for businesses to pitch their ideas to investors. With the appearance of multiple financial instruments in contemporary society, utilizing crowdfunding is not one to be discarded.

We position ourselves as entity that is built to serve our customers to our best abilities. This includes providing service throughout both ideation development and execution for organizations as well as proper procedures in vetting potential deals for investors.
Sinwattana is a 7-year-old company with a financial license, we have dealt with many obstacles and triumphed them. Moving forward, we believe with our past experiences we will be able to foresee and avoid previous stumbling blocks while further improving our consultation abilities.

Currently, we have two platforms dedicated to different needs of investors and businesses, of which are - Social and Equity. Our last platform - Debt securities - is being worked upon and will be launched by the end of 2021

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